Advanced Technology

Advances in dental technology provides effective oral care, and less invasive dental procedures. The use of laser technology equipment helps dentists in early detection of caries, treatment of caries, treatment of periodontal diseases, and teeth cleaning. Also, patients can now experience a significantly increased level of comfort for most dental procedures. The latest dental technology provides convenience to patients by making it easier to maintain oral health with less chair time and fewer repeat visits.

Vatech America

Cone Beam CT Scan | Dental Digital Imaging

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) technology is changing the way dentistry can be delivered. This technology allows Dr. Chen to view and diagnose individuals like never before. Traditional 2-D X-rays still have a place in dentistry, but 3-D imaging can allow for improved planning, earlier diagnosis, and more efficient treatment. Vatech 3D images are highly detailed and scan only takes 18 seconds, which results in significantly less radiation exposure than the traditional CT scanners. With this advanced imaging technology, we can focus on your desired aesthetic outcome throughout your entire treatment process.

SprintRay 3D printer

For a comfortable fit that provides both flexure and excellent resistance to wear, our SprintRay can 3D print splints and occlusal guards with the innovative NightGuard Flex resin. This material becomes flexible at body temperature, meaning it conforms perfectly to our patient’s anatomy, plus it produces long-lasting nightguards that are aesthetic and easy to clean.

IQAir Air Purifier

You’re in good hands. Find peace of mind with extensive infection control measures.

The IQAir air purifier is manufactured by a company that’s a trusted leader in providing high-quality air purifiers to consumers around the world. Hospital- and FDA-approved, our IQ Air Filtration System is proven to stop the smallest, most harmful particles in the air, all the way down to 0.003 microns – the smallest particles that exist. That includes viruses, dust mites, and air pollution.

Advanced Technology at LC Quality Dental
Dental PC at LC Quality Dental
advanced Technology at LC quality dental
Technology used in LC Quality dental
Technology used in LC Quality dental