Fast Beautiful Dental Implants

Feel good about your teeth and eat the foods you love again. With TeethXpress, you can immediately replace bridges, dentures and missing teeth with dental implants!

What to Expect

If you are a candidate for the TeethXpress procedure, an entire new set of teeth can be placed all on four, five or six dental implants, typically in one day. Any discomfort is usually minor and temporary. Your Certified TeethXpress Provider may prescribe pain relievers for you as needed. A soft diet may be required during the initial healing phase.

After the Procedure

After the TeethXpress procedure, the use of a medicated mouth wash is often recommended for two weeks. After this phase of the healing period, your Certified TeethXpress Provider may recommend the use of a slow-speed water pick.

While dental implants do not decay, the implant’s connection to bone can be threatened by poor oral hygiene. Keeping up with the recommended oral hygiene regimen will help keep your mouth healthy and improve your ability to maintain your dental implants for a lifetime.

Why TeethXpress?

  • TeethXpress securely holds the denture in place while smiling, talking and eating
  • Loss of bone from dentures can lead to changes in facial features and premature aging
  • TeethXpress, like natural teeth, stimulates the jaw and prevents bone loss
  • BioHorizons dental implants used exclusively for TeethXpress have a 99.2% success rate
Missing teeth
Before: Example of typical patient with missing teeth.
Dental implants done by Dr Li Chen
A new set of beautiful teeth are secured in place, all on four, five or six dental implants.

Every patient is different and patient results may vary. Only a trained clinician can choose the best treatment plan for you. Please ask your doctor to explain the benefits and risks to determine if a TeethXpress treatment is right for you.

Dental Implant for Single Tooth

Dental implants can restore smiles whether patients are in need of all new teeth or only one tooth, like in Marcia’s case. When replacing a single tooth, your Certified TeethXpress Provider may perform guided surgery to achieve the best result. The guided dental implant procedure may be completed in an hour or less. The animation below demonstrates how precise and simple this implant procedure is.